About Southend Care


Southend Care Ltd (SCL) is a dynamic and forward thinking Local Authority Trading Company wholly owned by Southend Borough Council (SBC). It has a £7.5 million annual turnover, employs 280 staff and supports over 1000 customers per year.

Trading since April 2017, its performance has exceeded business plan expectations both financially and also in addressing operational legacy issues such as sickness, agency usage and staff turnover. SCL has a unique and special relationship with Southend Borough Council being the company the council turns to in the first instance for additional transfer of business.  Already the company has secured new contracts with a total value of over £5million and is planning to take on additional services over the next 18 months. A major business development includes being the exclusive care operator in a new £13 million care facility due to open in autumn 2020. This will be a local flagship of excellence, delivering a range of specialist residential and day services including complex dementia care, residential assessments and day opportunities for people with profound learning disabilities. The company is poised therefore to enter a period of significant development and growth with the opportunity to transform service delivery and shape new models of care. 

SCL prides itself on working with some of the most vulnerable people in society including those people with very complex and challenging needs. Our positioning reflects this in terms of being a more specialist provider in the Southend market. Customer satisfaction ratings currently stand at 96% and the current portfolio of services includes day opportunities, residential care, supported living, shared lives, reablement, supported employment and provider of last resort.

Our workforce has grown by almost 100 people since trading, changing the composition from predominantly former council staff who TUPE transferred to SCL. Our terms and conditions are in the top quartile locally, providing the Real Living Wage and an excellent package of other benefits. Staff satisfaction ratings are positive, standing at 88%, and there is more work to be done in building staff engagement including developing staff forums and communication channels. Our workforce development strategy is near completion and will shape and nurture the talent within the company, enabling SCL to respond to future population needs and new business opportunities.

The Company has a flat management structure and a Board of Directors responsible to the Shareholder (SBC) represented by the members of the council. In this form the business is agile, able to respond to new opportunities and make swift and sound decisions that support this. The Managing Director, Operations Director and Business Manager work as an Executive Management Team coordinating the business of the company in line with the business plan. Business support services (Finance, HR and IT) are provided by the Council via Service Level Agreements.

Our planned business activity is guided by four strategic aims. These are as follows:

  • Establishing and maintaining an empowered and effective workforce: As a young company we are ambitious in the continuous development and support of our workforce which is the life blood of our care and support services.

  • Delivering cost effective outcome-focussed services:  We are committed to continuously improving the quality of our services, benchmarking against the best and ensuring all our services have a positive and measurable impact on peoples’ lives.

  • Being forward thinking, proactive and innovative: We want to be at the forefront of innovation including advances in technology and new models of care, continuously learning, challenging and generating ideas that bring value to our customers now and in the future.

  • Developing and growing in a sustainable and strategic way: We are committed to developing in a responsible and considered way as the key delivery partner of SBC, building our reputation as a high quality provider and supporting key local strategies, in particular Southend 2050. Where strategically right to do so, we will also build additional income streams that support our financial sustainability.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the company that people turn to for care and support services. This includes people using and also commissioning our services. Since trading in 2017 we have continued to develop a strong track record as a local provider to the people of Southend, working in close partnership with Southend Borough Council, the NHS and the Third Sector. By investing in the learning and development of our staff, paying the Real Living Wage and offering a substantial range of benefits, we also aim to become the employer of choice within the local care sector.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and deliver outstanding services to people with care and support needs to make a positive difference to their quality of life. We recognise the powerful effect of services that can enable and reable people to maintain or increase their independence.