The Opportunity


Why join Southend Care?

Southend Cares is a high performing organisation. Its customer satisfaction levels are at 96% and it has a very positive financial position which gives it freedom to innovate.

This freedom to think and work differently means the company is on the cusp of an exciting period of change and growth. Southend Care is uniquely placed to develop commercially robust and impactful business cases for how it can provide services to children and adults with complex needs in Southend. Through its positive relationship with its commissioner, there is an appetite to look at new ways to partner with the company and over the next few years the business plan is forecasting growth in a number of areas. One of the centre pieces for growth over the next 18 months is a flagship £13m centre of excellence. This will be one of the biggest developments in social care provision in the local area which this role will be integral in leading and delivering. This development will be a beacon in the local area and is just the start.


For Southend Care, the key to delivering high customer satisfaction levels is ensuring it has a happy and motivated workforce. Creating the right environment for staff to innovate, and giving them a voice has meant that as the company has grown it has developed a strong culture and set of values. For anyone joining the organisation they would be expected to contribute positively to the culture and embody the company’s values. 

The Director of Operations is essential in all of this, acting as a catalyst for transformation and innovation and helping make Southend Care a truly brilliant organisation to work for.



What are the challenges?

The challenge of taking full advantage of the opportunities that exist by delivering new services to Southend Borough Council and privately funded clients needs to be balanced against maintaining customer satisfaction and service delivery standards. As the company does grow and expands it is vital that Southend Cares retains its core principles and values.

With Council budgets under constant scrutiny and service demand levels increasing, the company needs to constantly assess how it provides services and to look for innovation in service delivery. Whether this is through technology or partnership working with organisations like South Essex Homes, the key to being a success in this role is to see opportunity whether others see challenges.

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